About EventBrowsr.com

EventBrowsr.com was created to maximize the discoverability of relevant conferences and networking events in your city or local area. We want to guarantee that you will never again miss an opportunity to hear from speakers or connect with the influential people in your industry.

We want to make it as easy as possible to learn about the professional and social events, conferences and meetups that are important to you. Say goodbye to the days of subscribing to multiple venue, organizer or other mailing lists, checking different ticket websites, and sifting through generic event newsletters.

EventBrowsr.com aggregates data from various platforms, venue websites, and other sources to create the most comprehensive database of upcoming events in your city, local area, and around the world. It's our goal to have every relevant event in our database from the local MongoDB user group, right up to the Cloudforce conference in New York.

EventBrowsr.com also wants you to be able to share the events you are attending with the people in your network or industry, as well as discover the events that people from your network or industry are attending. It's the best way to discover which events that matter most to you are trending.

In addition, we want to help you be a better networker at events, so we provide the tools that will help you find out more about other attendees and make introductions happen, so you can have that important 2-minute chat at the event.

EventBrowsr.com was created in 2012 by Geert DeBecker. He wanted to find an easier way to discover all the interesting events and people in his city and now he's sharing the solution with you.

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